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High quality and Thread-count

Cloth quality and style are equally important in choosing the proper sheets for one’s bedding needs. Currently a wide array of sheets can be purchased from an array of either quality and discount stores in addition to online outlets.

Below are some very helpful tips and suggestions that can help determine what and exactly how much to order while you evaluate the myriad of available choices. One thing is definite: Crisp, white, quality sheets hardly ever go out of fashion and are generally always a good choice whether included in a set or purchased singly to combine. Sheets in colors, prints, plaids, and patterns are really easy to find in most sizes and price ranges.

Bear in mind, however, that on bayareawallbeds, routine washing tends to fade colors, and they usually are less durable (that is, you could see certain early pilling in the more heavily used portions of the sheet).

b>Thread Count Facts

Thread count identifies the number of threads woven into one sq. inch of fabric. The higher the count, the softer and smoother the bed sheets. This is the defining term for determining whether a sheet is muslin or percale. Sheets with a count of 140 to 180 are muslin; every thing greater is percale.

The most prevalent percale sheets contain of 180 to 200 threads per inch. Top quality sheets contain a 250 to 300 thread count and look and feel silky to touch. Look for a bare minimum of 200 deciding on sheets (for cotton/polyester sheets, 220 or higher is a good choice). Sheets having very high thread count (300 to 400) used to be regarded as luxury quality.

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