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As you’re probably aware there is a plethora of download sites available on the Internet. The problem lies in choosing the best one that fits the criteria which you select for your particular usage demands.

It also depends on a how much you know about the process of downloading music. For most individuals who have iPods it’s a simple case of utilizing the iTunes interface in your computer and downloading songs either directly from the download option or directly from a CD in your collection.

For a few individuals who are “veterans” at downloading they are aware of “torrents” sites. I am not going into detail here on these sites just making you aware that they exist and what they provide.

A torrent site is a site which acts as a portal for sharing files of users who are currently online. These are commonly referred as P2P sites (peer-to-peer). If you know what you’re doing (most people don’t) then fine that’s up to you-if you don’t and you attempt to use them you are likely to have two consequences. Firstly, you will probably end up downloading a harmful virus into your computer and then possibly your iPod or secondly you will end up with a file that is of very poor quality and will have “broken links”.

So what are your options?

There are three options.

1. Use the pay per 1337x which are available – the major one that you are probably aware of is of course iTunes because I think it’s the best on the market. There are other download sites which are very good including Napster. You can expect to pay up to $.99 per download. What you can expect is excellent choice, excellent quality and an extremely good service. However, this comes at a cost. If you consider downloading just two tunes a day then you will have a cost of approximately $720. That’s quite a lot of money if you were to pay it out in one go!

2. Use the dangerous method, as I call it. This is literally where you can spend time searching for “free” download torrents sites. I would strongly recommend you not go down this route as at best you will get poor quality and at worst you may have to get a new iPod.

3. Use a viable alternative. This is “a halfway house solution”.

What alternatives do we have?

There are two available.

The first alternative is to join a monthly subscription site. These sites provide music downloads similar to iTunes with the major difference being that an unlimited number of tunes can be downloaded. Whilst this is a good alternative if you download a lot of music it can actually still work out quite expensive. The average per month price of these memberships is around $15. This means that you won’t get much change out of $200 for a yearly membership.

The second alternative is one that is less known and this is joining an unlimited download music site which has a lifetime membership fee usually no more than $35.

In order to choose the best music download sites for your iPod you’re better going with the unlimited download membership site as long as it fulfils several criteria.

These are:

1. Variety (choice of music styles)

2. Membership area (the interface has to be at least as easy to navigate as iTunes or Kazaa)

3. Fast download speeds (as a minimum the download speed should be at least 250 to 300 times faster than Kazaa)

4. Support (the best sites offer 24/7 support-usually with support tickets)

5. Value for money (the most reputable will sites will charge no more than $37 for full lifetime membership)

To find out more about the criteria for choosing the best download sites for your iPod go to iPod-Download_Zone.com [http://www.ipod-download-zone.com] to get an independent review of the best iPod music and music video sites currently on the market.


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