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I waited until it was dark out before I gave her my gift. That was because I had a very specific plan. I handed her a large box with wrapping paper which had stars all over it. She commented on the wrapping paper, because it was very unique. When she opened it, she found inside the box a “star kit” which I had purchased from Star Registry. She was intrigued.

She stared at all the contents in the box. She noticed an overlarge certificate printed on parchment paper which she said looked very beautiful. On that paper was a certificate with the name of a star – her name – the date the star was dedicated, as well as the coordinates of the star in the sky.

Inside the box was also a consolation chart which had the star circled in red in the sky, and there was a small booklet about astronomy, as well as a letter of congratulations presented to her by Star Registry.

Then I told her to come outside. Outside, I had set up a telescope and I had it pointed to the quadrants of the star I had dedicated to her. We looked at it together, and it was a very romantic night.

When I heard that you could name a star, I instantly fell in love with the idea.

I like it because it was both novel and romantic. In truth, when you how to buy a star your name won’t be recognized by any official community. In fact, the name you give when you name a star won’t mean anything to anyone except for you and the person that you named it for.

Even though I know that the scientific community won’t honor the name, I still like the idea that you can name a star after someone or something, and be presented a very elaborate kit that acknowledges it.

I purchased mine from Star Registry, which is perhaps one of the leading companies that offers you the chance to name a star. Another thing I liked about the registry is that they publish all the names of the stars dedicated in an astronomical compendium called Your Place in the Cosmos.


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