Xbox Live on the HTC Radar If you’re a big fan of Xbox Live, you’ll be happy to know that it is built into Windows Phone handsets. Sure, Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 are creating waves across the smartphone market. However, Android handsets do not have the luxury of having the online multi-player gaming service by Microsoft pre-installed. Since the HTC Radar runs WP 7.5 (Mango), you are sure to enjoy more from the gaming service. Windows Phones are renowned for their live tile interface. With these tiles, you get see everything from social network updates to missed calls all in the home screen. One of these tiles is dedicated to the gaming service. Here, you will get to do more than just play your favorite games.

Of course, the service is all about gaming. Today’s popular titles are available. These include Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Chickens Can’t Fly, Fragger, Assassin’s Creed, and Plants versus Zombies. These are the most popular modern games available. If you’re looking for the classics, there are also a number of titles available. The most popular include Monopoly, Uno, Pac Man, and Tetris. If you love card games, you can choose to play anything from PokerGalaxy to Solitaire. These are just a few of the games that you can play on the HTC Radar via Xbox Live.

Cheap Xanax For Sale If you’re looking for new releases, this service also has some upcoming titles in the pipeline. The service will allow you to take a sneak peek at a few of the games that will soon be available in the portal. This means that you will always have a fresh selection of game titles to play in the future.

Xanax Order Online Uk Since the Windows Phone platform is the only mobile operating system that has Xbox Live pre-installed, you can enjoy the service right out of the box. You can immediately access your account, customize you avatar, take a look at your friends list, choose the game that you want to play, and so much more.

With the HTC Radar, you can make use of this free app on the phone and enjoy a variety of benefits. You can see if your friends are online or not. Aside from launching popular games, it will allow you to launch music and movies on your gaming console.

As you can see, there are so many ways to keep yourself entertained with Xbox Live on the HTC Radar. The smartphone simply gives you the luxury of gaming on the go.  

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